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Nov 12, 2012 8:30pm EST
of congress. that's very important. also the local level. the cities and several united states cities are taking a more serious relationship with their community. it is not something that has to do only with latinos. we have a product dealing with emollients and other parts of the state, and they take these seriously. political capital changing. that doesn't mean we rock with salsa. it means that there has to be some accommodation and communication process that latino organizations were not very familiar with, but they have in the past five years learned how to adapt. >> not to keep talking about china, but the south america question is interesting and offers an important point of comparison. the u.s. is still by far the largest trade partner for the region and investor in the region. yet china now is the largest trade partner for chile. per by recently announced or brazil. and then you have the pacific alliance. through this countries in south america has emerged a certain extent from this perception in latin america that the u.s. had failed to work hard to integrate some countries i
Nov 9, 2012 8:00pm EST
different arab cities. and he would have the protesters marching, at the same time, live, championing slogans, holding up signs, then they would do the magical flip thing. the same thing. that was really unprecedented, i think. but i do think that that momentum and unification is broken down a bit since march. ec countries undergoing a different way. tunisians are consumed with tunisian politics, there is still this sense of common arab identity and the common arab story. but it's not nearly as intense. it is not manifesting in quite the same way now. the other part of it is that bad things spread as well as good things. there is much more sectarianism now than there was before. that is coming out of syria. i saw the survey not too long ago showing the higher numbers of egyptians who say that she could not be considered real muslims than there are in iraq. and iraq is simply a sectarian civil war and most egyptians have never seen a shia in their life. sectarianism and those kinds of things are also being spread through these media channels. >> i think on the unification issue, i thin
Nov 14, 2012 8:00pm EST
and evaluation for the u.s. department of health and human services and is commissioner of the new york city department of health for mental hygiene. we also have the interim commissioner, warren a. smith. lauren a. smith has been the interim commissioner of the massachusetts department of public health since october 25, 2012 and prior to assuming that position served as medical director and chief medical officer of the department. let me welcome you to the committee, and let me ask you. you are aware the committee is holding an investigative hearing and we are doing so having the practice of taking testimony under it. do either one of you have an objection to taking testimony under oath? >> no. >> no. >> the chair then advises you that under the rules of the house and the rules of the committee you are entitled to be advised by counsel. do you desire to be advised with counsel during your testimony today? in that case, please rise, raise your right hand and i will swear you in. do you swear to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god? you are now under oath subject to
Nov 7, 2012 8:00pm EST
suburbs, philadelphia just wiped out romney. the city of philadelphia did, but the suburbs wiped out romney. new york, philadelphia, dc, suburbing were swing in denver, las vegas, and phoenix. .. i mean, it may be more exact to to pay voters directly. there's probably more return for your investment in a conclude by saying probably the supreme court of the united states is the second most important institution in the united states in aiding the economic recovery because next to the fed, they have done more stimulus into the economy in hard-hit states like nevada, florida, ohio, colorado, pennsylvania and california than any institution. they may be more important than the fed. again, we have to look at money in politics. as i say what was then and in effect of a change of opinion. >> this is very interesting. comments from offers speakers that i want to ask at a demographic group none of you touched on this site because distant name i heard of demography being impactful in america. one out of every five americans has a disability and 51% of likely voters said they have a family membe
Nov 8, 2012 8:00pm EST
is named in a local town, local city council is doing this decision, the palestinians have said a message, we are not about that. we named the square after someone who kills israelis that we are not going to celebrate that. third start talking about two states for two peoples and acknowledge there's a jewish connection to the land and jerusalem. you don't have to go beyond that but acknowledged that israel doesn't undercut palestinian rights but acknowledges the reality that you recognize the israeli claims. forth, condition your people for peace. here i'm going to quote. used to say to mail the time, i'm not asking for the moon. i'm not asking for the palestinians to spell out all their concessions. i'm asking them to take the template. he talked peace -- and what it means we have hard decisions to make. the fifth step five or six years ago abu mazen said when asked the question where where's the say the palestinians should live in squalor conditions? what he was getting at is refugee camps. why should we rebuild the refugee camps? i am saying now you don't have to say anything. just do
Nov 13, 2012 8:00pm EST
for community massive migration frft countryside into the cities seeking employment and create instability in the country. they want to keep growth up. bob's right they have a fear of inflation for lots of reasons, historical and actual serious inflation, and that was in commodities that are a large part of the typical chinese person's budget, food and energy, much larger than here. they are not happy with our extremely loose monetary policy, exporting inflation to them, ect.. i believe that's an issue, but i believe they are capable of acting quickly and filling the hole in the banks. that's a much harder thing. we didn't do that. the president had a proposal, secretary geithner in march of 2009, but it didn't go far. we had a gradual recapitalization of the banks, raising $300 billion of capital, assets more concentrated in the largest banks, but the -- so that's a positive in that sense. our banks not as weak, but recapitalized by fed policy taxes savers. >> talk about the fed and world central banks for a second. central banks pumped $11 trillion into the global economy for the last fo
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6